What do many major organizations have in common? 

A content problem — specifically, a content explosion problem.

Writing and delivering content that can scale effectively is a tall order, and the more audiences an organization serves, the more complicated it becomes. For example, delivering a small piece of content, such as procedure steps for a job aid, is a relatively simple task — a “one and done.”

But is it really done? 

What happens when demand grows, and that “one and done” piece of content needs to be implemented in different formats to meet the needs of multiple audiences, languages, roles, education levels or devices? 

Check out our latest article, The Content Explosion Problem, for a closer look at how scale can exponentially increase the variety and quantity of deliverables — each of which needs to be tracked, updated and maintained.

If you’ve experienced this problem, you’re not alone. Many organizations rely on Learning Management Systems (LMS) and other off-the-shelf tools to manage the entire content life-cycle when they simply weren’t designed for that purpose. Only a next generation Learning Content Management System (LCMS) can integrate with existing LMSs and other tools to truly centralize content management and solve the content explosion problem once and for all.

Is your organization struggling with the Content Explosion Problem? 

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