Xyleme Studio™ Authoring System

Xyleme Studio, our learning content development platform, provides powerful collaborative authoring tools to create the learning content your organization needs to stay on top.

See how Rare has transformed their organization with Xyleme’s Studio and CDS products.

Be the Future of Learning

Studio is a corporate learning content development platform that helps the movers and shakers in learning and development bring their visions of the next phase of learning to life.

Major commercial airlines, leading telecommunication and IT companies, large manufacturing groups and national financial institutions use Studio to solve their unique and complex learning problems, while helping them separate from the pack and take a leading role in impacting the future of learning.

Tackle Complex Learning Challenges

Whether you have time-consuming challenges like updating the same content in multiple places or for multiple brands or find yourself managing translation and customizing by region, with Xyleme’s learning content development platform, Studio, you have more control over your content.

  • Review content in-platform and author collaboratively
  • Write content once and build for reuse
  • Keep multiple outputs in sync
  • Update your source content and see it update everywhere
  • Analytics

Studio Features

Author engaging learning faster, better, and with fewer resources, content developers often start from scratch when developing training. Xyleme’s authoring software allows you reuse bits and pieces of your content, saving you time and money.

  • Collaborative Authoring

Enable real-time collaboration between authors and subject matter experts with our learning content development platform. Use shared spaces, workflows, versioning control, and online review sessions to let your experts help guide content developers as they build your learning.

Consistent Branding with Templates

Manage shared authoring templates with built in branding so your team creates content in line with branding standards.

In-Platform Review Sessions

Highlight sections and add feedback within the platform, see and respond to other team members’ feedback, and implement, approve, or reject feedback.

Synced Files

Your instructor guide, student guides, and powerpoint are all built with synced content, you only have to update in one place without worrying about inconsistencies.


Cut time spent working with your translation vendor in half. Studio preserves all formatting saving you a significant amount of time and resources.

  • Publish to Print and Web Formats

Xyleme’s single source publishing lets you create blended learning content in any format – mobile, web, print, etc.

Author Once, Publish Anywhere

Content publishing themes for web, mobile, and print, including PowerPoint and Word. Publish to the cloud for immediate delivery to any SCORM-compliant LMS or learning portal.

Multi-Channel Cloud Publishing

Publish to the cloud and put your content in the path of the learner, whether it’s your learning portal, your SharePoint site, or wherever your learning is delivered.

Responsive Design

Responsive eLearning themes allow your content to reflow beautifully on any device, ensuring a great user experience anytime, anywhere.

Quick Updates

Make a change (like correcting a typo) to a learning object that has been reused in multiple courses or documents and see all instances update at once.

  • Scalable Content Delivery
  • Enterprise-Level Security
  • Integrated User Management
  • Full Service API

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