Xyleme Content Delivery Service™

Xyleme’s Content Delivery Service (CDS) unlocks your content from the LMS platform and from document management systems. Content is now easy to find, easy to access, and guaranteed to be accurate so that your workforce can locate the information needed to learn and perform.

Bridge took a 240 hour a week distribution effort down to 5 hours a week

Lead the Way for Next-Gen Learners

Xyleme’s content delivery platform allows you to approach learning content at the mass-production level, so that your development team can spend their time producing more content and analyzing the effectiveness of the learning itself, without the distraction of layout design, image and video placement, and recreating content in multiple places.

Deliver Content With or Without an LMS

Xyleme’s content delivery service allows you to deliver instructor-led and bite-sized learning in a way that balances the need for formal training and immediately accessible learning elements.

  • Multiple content delivery options
  • Custom-branded learning portal
  • Deliver content through your LMS
  • Search and bookmark content
  • Analytics

CDS Features

Deliver content to learners with or without an LMS

Custom-Branded Learning Portals

Deliver content to the learner with a custom-branded web portal and apps for iOS and Android. Learners engage with the content and with one another through various social features, such as sharing and commenting.

Deliver SCORM from the Cloud

Manage your courses in the cloud and deliver them to any number of SCORM-compliant learning management systems. Xyleme’s content delivery platform eliminates costly redeployments, ensures compliant content, and shortens the time between course and updates.

Path to Learning

Shortening the time to employee competency requires that learners can identify their own knowledge gaps and find the content they need quickly. Pre- and post-assessments along with targeted content collections provides learners with a clear path to achieving their personal learning goals.

Granular Search and Personal Learning Channels

Customize search, refine results based on individual preferences and bookmark them for continued use, and select the type and format of content (e.g. only show procedures in a video format).


CDS is xAPI-compliant and tracks how your learners interact with your content. See how your content is accessed, by whom, and on what devices, and use those insights to cater your content to the needs of your learners.

  • Scalable Content Delivery
  • Enterprise-Level Security
  • Integrated User Management
  • Full Service API

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