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The Learning Technology Ecosystem

Technology’s Place in the Modern Learning Ecosystem We all know that the learner is the center of the learning ecosystem — today, much of that learning ecosystem is driven by technology.  But which learning technology tools do what, and which do your organization actually need? Let’s explore the main components

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The Content Explosion Problem

What do many major organizations have in common? A content problem. Even for the most digitally advanced organizations, writing content to scale is a tall order. Delivering a small piece of content, such as procedure steps for a job aid, is a relatively simple task — a “one and done.”

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ILT is Here to Stay

As organizations continue to focus on new and innovative ways to implement and enhance digital learning, statistics are showing that Instructor-Led Training (ILT) is still not only viable, but profitable. In fact, according to the 2019 Brandon Hall Study, ILT remains the primary form of learning delivery in a whopping

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An LCMS is not an LMS

One of the most common questions we hear is, “Are you an LMS (Learning Management System)?” “LMS” and “LCMS” (Learning Content Management System) are often mistakenly used interchangably, and differentiating between them can be tricky. It doesn’t help that some overlap exists between the two platforms, such as the fact

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The “L” in LCMS Makes all the Difference

The in LCMS can mean the difference between success and failure for organizations. One missing letter can change the whole meaning of a word. While many companies have made significant investments in a Content Management System (CMS) to manage documents, images, videos, etc., they lack critical features and functionality that

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How Xyleme’s LCMS Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Managing complex content libraries in an increasingly diverse learning landscape brings a range of significant challenges, from time-consuming content creation and maintenance, content trapped in restrictive formats, to the inability to personalize content at scale and a lack of actionable learner and content performance data. Xyleme’s industry-leading Learning Content Management System

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How Xyleme Simplifies Audit Compliance & Legal Discovery

Whether tracking employee and customer activity or facilitating legal discovery and audit requests, complete and accurate historical content and learner records allow organizations to manage large volumes of content with confidence. When organizations need the ability to quickly and easily comply with regulatory audits and other compliance requirements, standard out-of-the-box

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What’s an LCMS & Why Do You Need One?

LCMS, LMS, CMS… What’s the Difference? A Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is a platform that integrates authoring, delivery, publishing and analysis of content in a multi-user environment. In our LCMS definition, it provides content professionals a way to manage their content and collaborate in one centralized location. While the

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Common Content Management Problems

Most modern learning organizations struggle with at least a few of these common content management challenges. Is your organization one of them? Do your teams spend a significant amount of time creating content and keeping it in sync? Flip Regardless of the format (printed ILT materials, online courses, performance support videos, etc.),

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Must-have Features of a ‘Next Gen’ LCMS

Today’s learning ecosystem is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, and learning organizations are now expected to effectively support:  Multiple ways for learners to access content in and out of an LMS,  Multiple output types (courses, job aids, coaching guides, discussion guides),  Content personalization across multiple audiences and languages  Companies who have already adopted a Learning Content Management System (LCMS) have an easier time addressing

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